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Welcome to Fairfield Youth Field Hockey Association

Whether you are new to Field Hockey, or a returning player who wants to continue to represent the town of Fairfield in the fall CT state league (usually involves 8-10 similar town teams in surrounding towns and counties), we have the program for you. Throughout our evaluation process and team allocation we ensure that your child is given the best tools, coaching and team environment to succeed

Fairfield Youth Field Hockey Association

We are thrilled to share with you that FYFH has undergone some exciting changes and is now officially known as Fairfield Youth Field Hockey Association (FYFHA).

What's New: we have made several updates to our program. Firstly, we are proud to announce that we are now incorporated as a non-for-profit organization. This means that we are committed to reinvesting any budget surplus at year-end towards developing the program, recognizing individual achievements, and donating to local charities within our community.

We have also implemented some team size and practice space limits to better manage players' development needs and playing time during games. We will not be registering more than 18 players per team. Additionally, we have secured two practice fields: Fairfield University and Wakeman Boys and Girls Club. To optimize the practice experience, we will only allow two teams per practice slot at Wakeman and aim to have two teams per slot at Fairfield University, with one or two slots accommodating three teams.

As part of your 2024 registration fees, we have removed the burden of purchasing uniforms, which will now be included in the overall registration fee. Some age groups' registration fees have even been lowered from last season. In addition, if you feel you can still use your uniform from last season, you will have the option at registration to pay a reduced registration fee as you will not require a uniform.

After being suspended for a few years, we will be reintroducing evaluations to better match players equally with their counterparts and form balanced teams. Stay tuned for more information on evaluation dates!

Lastly, we have formed an Executive Board, consisting of eight members, and are looking to expand to approximately 12. This will allow for better decision-making, sharing of work duties, and a transparent organization at all levels.

What's the Same: We are thrilled to maintain many of the same fantastic coaches and leaders who are dedicated to developing Fairfield youth players' field hockey skills. We are committed to providing a competitive yet fun environment where players of all levels are welcome and become a part of the FYFHA family. We will continue to ensure that Fairfield Field Hockey remains a strong and visible organization within neighboring towns, with a program focused on developing new players, depth, and high school preparation for departing 8th graders.

We want everyone to have FUN, and we can't wait for the upcoming season!


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Have any questions? Contact us

Have any questions? Contact us

Fairfield Youth Field Hockey Association

Phone: 786-837-4536